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Why Choose Assignment Guru?

We’ve spent years helping students ace their English assignments. Here’s why we continue to be the most trusted homework help platform out there – and what you should expect from us when placing an order:

Strict Quality Assurance Policies

While we trust our writers to give their all to your assignment, we also have detailed internal guidelines to ensure the consistent quality of our assignment writing service. These guidelines include the requirements for formatting (according to your university standards), proofreading and editing, and the text’s originality.

Pocket-Friendly Rates

We don’t want you to choose between getting help with homework and paying your bills. So we provide high-quality services, but for a fair price you can afford. Plus, we offer great deals for large orders and new or returning customers!

Only Expert Writers

We know that when you seek English homework help online, you want to get an impeccable paper written by a real professional. That’s why we select only the best of the best to work with us. We also verify their qualifications to make sure your assignment is in expert hands.

Always Timely Delivery

With us, you’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline. Delivering your paper on time is our top priority, no matter how tight the time frame is. We also always leave enough time to get feedback on the final draft from you and make any edits if necessary.

Around-The-Clock Assistance

We’ve all been there: the assignment is due tomorrow, but you’re nowhere near finishing it. That’s why we are happy to help you with homework anytime you need it. If you have an urgent order, contact us – and we’ll deliver your assignment within less than 24 hours.

Zero Plagiarism

At AssugnmentGuru.com, we don’t tolerate plagiarism. All of our writers craft every single assignment from the ground up. As a result, the text is completely original – as proven by a free plagiarism report, – meets your requirements to a T, and matches your unique writing style.

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Why Students Trust Us to Get English Homework Help

Here are the 3 main reasons why we’re the most trusted service for those who seek help with English homework:

- Unlimited edits at no extra charge;
- Around-the-clock assistance;
- Budget-friendly rates and numerous discounts.

All of this makes our services high-quality and affordable for students from all walks of life.

How to Get Help in 3 Simple Steps

Describe Your Requirements

Tell your future English homework helper everything they need to know about your assignment: its type, length, etc. Be as detailed as possible, especially when it comes to materials and sources, formatting, and structure. Upload any files you want your helper to use.

Make a Deposit

Once you’ve provided all the assignment details, you’ll be presented with an affordable quote. Once you accept it, you’ll be redirected to our payment page. There, you’ll need to enter your payment details. Don’t worry: all payments are processed with a 100% secure gateway.

Get a Top-Notch Work Right on Time!

Now, you can go on about your life while your writer works tirelessly to deliver an excellent paper to you. We’ll let you know when it’s ready via email. Check if the final draft lives up to your expectations, request edits if needed, and release the payment to your helper.

Why Students Need English Homework Help

Even when you’re a native speaker, English homework can be confusing at best – and insurmountable at worst. In such cases, there’s nothing wrong about turning to services like ours.In our experience, you may need qualified help if you:

- Lack time to do an excellent job yourself, be it due to other assignments, work, or commitments;
- Are a non-native speaker who can’t risk a suboptimal grade;
- Find your school’s or instructor’s requirements confusing;
- Want to be sure you’ll get the top grade for this assignment.

Why Turn to Paid Services Like Assignment Guru

If you want something to be done well, you can either learn to do an outstanding job yourself – or pay a professional to get it done for you. This applies to English homework help, too.Whether you lack time, interest, or skills to do an A-worthy job yourself, you can turn to an expert to take care of your assignment. They’ll craft an excellent paper for you, meeting every requirement and avoiding any beginner’s mistakes.And in the meantime, you can focus on what matters more – your work, studies, or loved ones.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We strive to leave no student dissatisfied with our online English homework help. And our customers’ reviews are a testament to that. Here’s what they can tell you about AssignmentGuru.com:

Customer ID: #530405607
Writer: Anne Glen
Nursing Essay

This was my first time ordering work online and let me just say, I am pleasantly surprised. Ms. Glen did a fantastic job on my essay and after a few little tweaks here and there I was able to submit it early and get an A.

Mar 3, 2022
Customer ID: #33405506
Writer: Bob Hunther
Finance Assesment

Finance was never my thing so I figured I would ease my life and hire a professional. The expert completed the assessment 5 hours before the deadline and it was done according to the professor's requirements. Thanks, Mr. Hunther, you were a pleasure to work with.

Jun 7, 2022
Customer ID: #2234315
Writer: Monica Gonzalez
Math HW

I keep suggesting Monica to all my friends who are struggling with math. Not only does she provide full answers, but she does a great job at explaining the reasoning behind them.

Feb 13, 2022
Customer ID: #1224640
Writer: Richard Gross
Marketing Project

I am beyond satisfied with how our cooperation with Mr.Gross turned out. My whole class including my prof was fascinated by my marketing project! Thanks for the great work Richard, I'll be back!

Dec 23, 2021
Customer ID: #5930507
Writer: Dr. Ashna Singh
Biology Assignment

I was so stressed about the upcoming biology assessment but Dr.Singh calmed me down and gave me the answers I needed to ace the task in such a short timeframe. I can definitely recommend her for biology help.

Apr 6, 2021
Customer ID: #4033068
Writer: Michael Scott
Statistics HW

Statistics used to taunt me, but thanks to Michael that's all in the past. He simplified the concept of probability and now I'm ready to score an A on the upcoming final exam.

Sep 01, 2020
Customer ID: #31147004
Writer: Arnold Legan
Psychology Essay

Although I love my psychology class, this month I had no time to devote to it as I was flooded with midterm preparations. The writing sounded just like mine and the references were all done in proper AP. Will definitely hire Mr.Legan in the near future.

Oct 22, 2020
Customer ID: #66044022
Writer: Demi Rossman
Law Essay

I am a successful law student and I love what I study, but you know, at times you just run out of energy. And that's exactly my case right now. Demi saved my grade and didn't let my burnout take over my academic success. Major thank you!

Aug 16, 2021
Customer ID: #4606043
Writer: Henry Wise
Persuasive Essay

Working with Henry was stress-free. He replied constantly and made sure I was happy with how the work was going.  The essay turned out just great.

Nov 19, 2021
Customer ID: #1233322
Writer: Katherine Connor
Economics Task

Although economics is not my specification, I still wanted to have that perfect 4.0 GPA in all classes. That's why I reached out to AssignmentGuru and hired Ms.Connor. Super glad I did so as I got a 94% of the task.

Jan 1, 2020
Customer ID: #3102235
Writer: Georgia Newman
Descriptive Essay

I was struggling to finish my English Language essay so I hired Ms.Newman to help me add the finishing touches and help me polish it up. I saved myself time and energy while still obtaining an excellent result.

Jun 27, 2022
Customer ID: #2305403
Writer: Dr. David Sting
Programming Assignment

First and foremost I would like to thank the support team for helping me file my order and staying in touch 24/7. My expert was perfect for my task as he is a current IT programmer and knew all the ins and out of coding.

May 11, 2022

What You Can Get Help With Assignment Guru!

Reflective Writing

Tasked with analyzing a memory or an event from your life? If so, you have a reflective piece of work to craft. But it’s not just about recollecting the course of the event! This assignment requires you to ponder what it meant to you, how it changed you, and what insights you can draw from it.

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Creative Writing

If your assignment involves writing a short story, poem, script, or any other piece of fiction, it falls under the creative writing category. As the name suggests, it requires a lot of creativity to complete such an assignment, along with having a good grasp of the toolkit at your disposal.

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Literary Analyses

To write one, you’ll need to dive deep into a work of someone else’s (a novel, short story, screenplay, etc.) and see what lies underneath the lines of text. Your task is to excavate the story’s meaning(s), pinpoint the metaphors and parallels, and determine how the author achieves the effect the story has.

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Narrative Writing

When tasked with this kind of assignment, you’ll need to develop a narrative for a particular event, idea, or plot. It takes a fair share of creativity to make it engaging and unconventional. Not to mention you need a good command of the English language – and being a wordsmith of sorts.

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Journals & Articles

Another research-based type of writing, it often requires spending hours on finding the right sources. Like academic papers, journals and articles impose a formal, concise tone of voice on the writer – although it shouldn’t be too convoluted, either. If you can't strike this fine balance yourself, you can always get English homework help online!

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Essay Writing

Essay writing isn’t rocket science. Instead, it’s the art of presenting your argument and backing up your stance with evidence. Just like academic papers, essays have to be properly sourced. However, your grade will depend on how eloquent you are and how well you manage to catch the reader’s attention in your essay.

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Academic Writing

Academic papers can vary in length, structure, and format, but they have several characteristics in common. Academic works are always concise and straight to the point, written in a formal tone that’s easy to botch. They rely heavily on evidence and require a lot of research to build your references.

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What Makes AssignmentGuru.com Stand Out

We know we’re not the only platform that offers help on English homework out there. So, you might be thinking, “Why should I choose AssignmentGuru and not someone else?”We have one answer for you: we offer the best quality-price ratio on the market. And it’s not just words: you can get a full refund in case you’re not happy with your homework. But 99% of the time this won’t happen.With AssignmentGuru, you’ll always receive an excellent assignment on a dime. We were students once, too – and that’s what drives us to leave every student satisfied with our services without paying a fortune for help. In a word, we want to help you succeed in your studies!

Why You Should Excel in English Classes

Acing your English classes can open plenty of doors for you. English is the de-facto standard language for international communication, after all.In the corporate world, English proficiency can position you for more high-paying jobs. And in some fields, a great command of English is a must-have skill for job candidates.On top of that, if you want to make the most out of the Internet, you’ll need to know English. And it’s not just about YouTube videos – groundbreaking scientific papers and reports come in English first, too.So, if you’re still uncertain about learning English, reconsider it. Don’t think you have the time for it? Get help with English homework – and secure great grades in the meantime!

5 Good Reasons to Hire an English Homework Helper

In our experience, most students turn to us for online English homework help because they:

1. Have too little time to write an excellent paper themselves;
2. Are too stressed out over the deadline being too soon – or other assignments;
3. Don’t know all the ropes to craft an A-worthy paper on their own;
4. Want to be certain their grades will remain optimal;
5. Lack interest in the topic or subject as a whole.All of these are valid reasons to seek help with English homework. That’s what we are here for! Our writers can craft an excellent English assignment for you on a dime, without asking for a fortune in return.