how much will a 100 point assignment affect my grade

The impact of a 100-point assignment on your overall grade depends on several factors, including the weight of the assignment, the total points possible in the course, and your current grade. Let's break down the calculation and provide a detailed answer:

Weight of the Assignment: If the assignment is weighted equally with other assignments, its impact on your grade will be straightforward. For example, if all assignments are worth the same, a 100-point assignment will have the same impact as any other 100-point assignment.

Total Points Possible in the Course: The total points possible in the course influence the weight of each assignment. If your course has a large number of assignments or assessments, a single 100-point assignment might not significantly impact your grade. However, in a course with fewer assignments, it could have a more substantial impact.

Current Grade: Your current grade also plays a role. If you have a high grade, the impact of a 100-point assignment might be less noticeable. Conversely, if your grade is lower, the assignment could have a more pronounced effect.

Calculating the Impact: To estimate the impact, you can use the following formula:
Impact on Grade = (Points Earned on Assignment / Total Points Possible) * 100

For instance, if you earn 80 out of 100 points on the assignment, the impact on your grade would be: 
Impact = (80 / 100) * 100 = 80%

This means the assignment would contribute 80% of its total points to your overall grade.

Weighted Grades: If your course uses weighted grades (different assignments are worth different percentages), the impact will depend on the assignment's weight. For example, if the 100-point assignment is worth 20% of your final grade, its impact will be calculated accordingly.

Final Thoughts: It's important to consider the assignment's impact in relation to your overall performance in the course. If the assignment is a significant portion of your total points, performing well on it can have a positive effect on your grade. However, if it's a minor component, its impact might be relatively smaller.

Ultimately, you can use online grade calculators provided by your educational institution or consult with your teacher to get a more precise understanding of how the 100-point assignment will affect your specific grade in the course.