7 Best Apps for College Students in 2023

Michael Balter
Feb 13, 2023
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Meet the 7 Best College Apps

What are the reasons for choosing Schoold as your initial application to install?

There are four strategies to utilize mobile applications for college undergraduates to their fullest potential.

To sum up, applications designed for students have been introduced to simplify their lives.

Access to various modern technologies that can assist you in accomplishing multiple tasks. Certain applications are crafted to help you manage your time efficiently and streamline tasks such as reviewing and selecting educational institutions. Other technologies are designed to aid you in becoming a more productive and accomplished learner. Additionally, there are numerous technological advancements that you can utilize. An online assignment writing service has easy access to everything you need and handles important tasks effortlessly.

Today, we will discuss the seven essential applications that college students must download. They include:

  • Blackboard;
  • SplitWise;
  • Grammarly;
  • Blackboard;
  • Schoold;
  • CamScanner;
  • Duolingo;
  • Udemy.

What was the reason behind choosing these seven apps for our list instead of others? Simply put, each app that we chose:

  • It is reasonably priced: either it doesn't cost anything, has a comprehensive free option, gives student discounts, or has affordable rates.
  • Provides a wide range of features that are unmatched in its specific market.
  • The product's dependability can be ascribed to its extended presence in the market and its implementation of rigorous internal quality control procedures.

Meet the 7 Best College Apps

1. Best for College Search: Schoold

  •  Price: free
  •  Platform for use: Android, iOS

Schoold, a startup in San Francisco, has been established to simplify college search and selection for those interested in pursuing higher education. If the process of selecting the ideal college seems challenging to you, Schoold is available to assist you in discovering the right institution for you. During the first month of its launch, the Schoold app was downloaded more than 500,000 times!

 The key features  :

  • There are 3,125 college profiles that can be organized by majors, careers, and tuition costs, among other factors.
  • You are able to communicate within the app with former students and specialists who have knowledge about the admission process at no cost.
  • This tool provides a thorough breakdown of tuition costs while also recommending scholarships and estimating the return on investment.

School is considered one of the top educational institutions. :

  • Is free to use;
  • Contains all the essential components required for you to make a knowledgeable choice regarding college selection.
  • This product has been available for purchase since 2016 and relies on information from the College Scorecard.

Blackboard is the top choice for those who want to improve their knowledge in management.

  •  Price: free
  •  Platform for use: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

It is likely that the learning management system your college utilizes is the Blackboard application. If such a situation arises, it is advisable to proceed with downloading the application. Doing so will assist you in organizing and keeping up with your assignments, course materials, and virtual classes; all of which can be conveniently accessed through the app. It should be noted that a version of the Blackboard app for Mac is also available.

 The key features  :

  • In-app virtual class sessions;
  • Having conversations through the internet with fellow students and instructors.
  • Grades tracking;
  • In-app assignments and tests are seamlessly integrated into its functionality:
  • It provides notifications and reminders for tasks, exams, and various other activities.

Blackboard is among the best because it:

  • Students do not have to pay as educational institutions cover the expenses.
  • This is an all-inclusive and highly functional system for managing education and training.
  • It has been employed by educational institutions such as Stetson University, California State University, Long Beach, and the University of Montana.

3. Language Learning: Duolingo

  •  Price: paid plans start at $9.99 / mo., free
  •  Platform for use: Android, iOS, web

The Duolingo app is available to make learning a foreign language an enjoyable experience for those who are pursuing language studies. Its language courses will assist learners in honing their abilities in four essential areas, namely speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

You can demonstrate your English proficiency level by taking a Duolingo test, and the results are recognized by more than 2,000 institutions around the globe.

 The key features:

  • 35+ language courses;
  • Small, manageable lessons that include all the different elements of acquiring a new language.
  • AI-powered personalized approach;
  • Game-like elements such as scores, consistent progress, and tasks that are difficult but possible.

Duolingo is among the best because it:

  • One of the reasons why Duolingo stands out as one of the best is because it is completely free.;
  • Provides all the necessary tools to gradually acquire expertise in a language.
  • The course creation in Duolingo is dependable because all the translators who participated are native speakers.

4. Top of Mobile Scanning: CamScanner

  •  Price: paid plans start at $4.99 / mo., free
  •  Platform for use: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, web

If you are a student, you will come across a lot of documents that need to be scanned, such as handwritten lab reports or other tasks. However, purchasing a complete scanner isn't necessary as CamScanner can transform your smartphone into one!

Do you have any apprehensions regarding the safety of CamScanner? Do not fret: as long as you allow the app to access the cloud for enhanced OCR, the information remains on your device.

 The key features  :

  • Optical character recognition (OCR);
  • Various modes of scanning are available: ID card, passport, QR code, and documents.
  • Export to various formats such as multi-page PDF, JPG, TXT, etc.

CamScanner is among the top-rated applications as a result of its outstanding features. :

  • Offers basic scanning features for free;
  • This software has the capability to export to all commonly used formats.
  • Keeps your data safe.

SplitWise is the ideal tool for keeping track of shared expenses.

  •  Price: free, paid plan costs $2.99 / mo.
  •  Platform for use: iOS, Android, web

Are you dividing your costs with your roommate(s) or while traveling in a group? If the answer is yes, then SplitWise is the application you need!

Being a financial expert is optional for using SplitWise, which is definitely a benefit. Simply add a transaction and the application will handle everything for you!

 The key features  :

  • Effortless balance tracking,;
  • Expense categorization;
  • Support for over 100 currencies;
  • An offline mode;
  • Paying your friends back using currency, the Venmo app, or PayPal.

belongs to the top-rated Platform for use for expense splitting. :

  • Provides a version that is free and sufficient for monitoring expenses that are shared.
  • It provides all the necessary functionalities for keeping a record of owed debts and their amounts.
  • Keeps your data safe and sound.

If you are looking for the best tool to proofread and edit your written content, Grammarly is the most appropriate choice.

  •  Price: free (paid plans available)
  •  Platform for use: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, web

As a student, you will be required to do a significant amount of writing. Grammarly is available to assist you in identifying and correcting errors, as well as enhancing your writing skills. By subscribing to Grammarly, you will also have access to exclusive recommendations, plagiarism detection, and the ability to create citations.

Can Grammarly be trusted? Though complete safety cannot be guaranteed on the internet, Grammarly does not intentionally take or disclose your information to any outside parties.

 The key features  :

  • Proofreading suggestions;
  • Assessment of the tone of voice and level of conciseness.
  • Creation of references for sources, whether accessed through the internet or in physical form.

Grammarly is one of the top options due to its superior qualities. :

  • This Platform for use is costless and provides reduced rates for educational establishments interested in acquiring their superior package.
  • Provides fundamental editing recommendations that are thorough enough to simplify your task of composing an assignment.
  • Since 2009, it has undergone extensive text-based training to provide accurate recommendations.

Udemy is the top choice for discovering web-based classes.

  •  Price: Online courses can be either free or require payment.
  •  Platform for use: iOS, Android, web

online courses to improve your learning. Udemy is a great option as it offers a wide range of courses that cover numerous skills. You have the opportunity to acquire multiple skills in that place, whether you depend excessively on programming assignment help and learn to code in Python or explore the creative side by studying graphic design and photography.

Seeking a substitute for Udemy? Take a look at other MOOC Platform for use such as edX, Coursera, or FutureLearn. Additionally, you can consider Skillshare, MasterClass, or Udacity as potential options.

 The key features  :

  • Up to 600 courses are available for free;
  • The courses that are purchased come with both certification and ongoing access for the duration of the user's life.
  • The availability of courses for offline access is provided.

Udemy is considered one of the best education apps for students because it::

  • There are online courses that are either free or come with a reasonable price range of $9.99-$199.99.
  • Provides all the essential characteristics required for a seamless educational experience.
  • This policy provides a thorough quality control system and includes a guarantee that a customer can receive their money back within thirty days.

What are the reasons for choosing Schoold as your initial application to install?

Although there are six other useful apps for enrolled college students, the Schoold app is specifically designed to assist with choosing a college. Therefore, apps such as Grammarly and Blackboard can be put on hold. For high school graduates who can only install one app, it is recommended to choose Schoold.

This application assists students in making an informed decision about their college choice by consolidating all necessary information in a single location. For instance, Schoold's college profiles feature:

  • One can use statistics such as the ratio of students to teachers to gain an understanding of the learning environment.
  • Majors available;
  • Projected tuition expenses and initial salaries.
  • Helpful links, and more.

You have the ability to arrange and categorize colleges to generate a compilation of the finest choices for a certain area of study. Furthermore, if you require assistance from an expert to choose the best option, you can always talk with a college advisor through the Schoold application. Additionally, this service is available for free!

There are four strategies to utilize mobile applications for college undergraduates to their fullest potential.

Simply downloading an application does not guarantee that it will drastically change your life. The manner in which you utilize it can either enhance or negatively affect its influence on you.

Therefore, here are four brief suggestions for maximizing the usefulness of applications for students:

  •  Attempt different choices until you find the one that suits your requirements best. Keep in mind that what may work well for another person may not necessarily be the most suitable option for you. So, the final decision should always be based on your own personal preferences and requirements your best one.
  •  Combine several apps It would be best if the software was interconnected and functioned as one system. An example would be having your calendar integrated with your learning management system. Try to combine multiple applications to attain the desired outcome.
  •  Explore all the features In order to optimize your app experience, it is essential to possess a comprehensive comprehension of its functionalities. To achieve this, it's advisable to invest time in exploring the different functions available and to make a list of all the ways that it can streamline or simplify particular tasks.
  • Utilize the potential of notifications. Have you ever downloaded an application but later forgot about it? To prevent this from happening, configure your notifications to remind you to use it frequently!

To sum up, applications designed for students have been introduced to simplify their lives.

App marketplaces are brimming with applications that pledge to be your saviors, and indeed, they can be! By installing the appropriate app, you can save time, make informed decisions, and enhance your academic performance.

However, not all student-oriented educational apps are equally advantageous. Some may lack valuable features when offered for free or at an affordable price. Fortunately, lists like the one provided above exist precisely to aid you in making the correct selection.

Nevertheless, remember that it is not solely about determining which apps are the finest for students. It is equally important to discover an app that aligns with your specific requirements. To achieve this, you can experiment with various options and select the one that best suits your needs. Best of luck!

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